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Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about Medical Supplies below. If you have any additional questions or concerns, contact Medical Supply Helpline via telephone or our web form, so we can help get you answers.

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The initial consultation with a medical supply professional is completely free of charge. After careful evaluation of your situation, the medical supply specialist provides a quote for the medical supplies requested and associated costs. Every case is different, and we are dealing with many unique situations, which is why it is impossible to determine a flat price to cover every scenario. Please call us to discuss your needs. Most of the time we are able to provide medical supplies for free or the lowest cost possible.

Please provide us with basic contact and insurance information, so we can match you with a qualified medical supply specialist who can assist you. You can either submit a form through our website or call to start the qualification process.

Medical Supply Helpline is a nation-wide company that helps people who need various kinds of medical supplies that are covered by insurance. We connect you with independent medical supplies distributors who offer a large variety of top-branded medical supply products, and who have strong relationship with most health insurance providers.

How It Works

Get the right Medical Supplies for your needs. All you have to do is provide us with your information to get started.

The information required to participate in the program:

– Medical insurance information
– Participant’s name;
– Address where to send the supplies.

After that you will be contacted by one of our partners from our network, who carry the largest variety of Medical Supplies.
You get to choose the product that best fits your needs and lifestyle, either it is catheter, CPAP supplies, back brace or knee brace. Your medical supplies such as back brace or knee brace may be covered by Medicare.

Medical Supply Helpline has partnered with suppliers who will work with every patient and his or her insurance on an individual basis in order to provide each patient with a quality product that will be shipped directly to the patient’s home.

All the paperwork will be handled for you. Call today at 800.255.0773 to discuss your options!

If you qualify, we will bill your insurance and send your Medical Supplies (for example a back brace and/or a knee brace). Stop your pain – new supplies will be delivered right to your door at no extra charge to you!

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